Thoughts on Modern Day Being and the Interactions Within

This book serves as an introduction to my thesis. It is prefaced with a foreword that introduces my thoughts on the problem space as well as my research behind it, touching upon the definitions and opinions of others such as 99percentinvisible, and various social media users. The bulk of this work is a photo series that presents structures which remain consistent throughout the other phases of the project. The focus of this book is 

Anti-Rest, as this is  what the hostile aspects of the architecture keep the public from doing, and I have subdivided into the terms Anti-Sit, Anti-Stand, Anti-Lean, and Anti-Lay


The color yellow highlights the hostile elements of the architecture, and the repetition of this allows the reader to anticipate the hostility of the coming image on their own.

 Designed by Emily Baro for Senior Thesis at Parsons School of Design.