This thesis brings awareness to the underlying intentions of Manhattan’s hostile architecture, and asks the audience – being commuters, people in transit, or homeless, to engage in their disruption. 

Hostile Architecture

Unwelcoming structures that ward off certain demographics.

Problem Spaces


Ironic objects that counteract the original intention of the invention.


Beauty vs. functionality:

Objects and architecture that are made to look beautiful while deterring certain crowds and the original intended use of the object.

How does public spatial distribution and architecture reflect on what a city expects from its society?


What structures are placed where within public spaces – who uses them, and how do they use them in relation to their role in the space?


01  Hostile Approach


Airplane Inequality Predicts Air Rage

01  Hostile Approach

01  Airplane Inequality Predicts Air Rage


Educational Tool:

Design a book that educates and communicates the abundance and severity of unwelcoming public spaces.

Convey the concept through both the content and formal execution of the book.


Disruptive Object:

Use graphic design to create an object that communicates the design problem, and counteracts the corresponding structure.


Collaborative Platform:

Create an online space for people to discuss, respond to, and critique public spaces personal to them. 



Thoughts on Modern Day Being and the Interactions Within


Anti, Anti-Object

How does one make work about public space when no one is allowed?



#anti_object #anti_rest #hostilearchitecture #designagainsthumanity 


Has allowed the audience to reenter public space with an informed, conscious outlook that will harvest new uses, counteractions, and change in public space. 

Thank you.

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 Designed by Emily Baro for Senior Thesis at Parsons School of Design.